Banacha Campus

Banacha Campus, most often identified with the Medical University of Warsaw, is located in a large area between Banacha, Żwirki i Wigury, Księcia Trojdena and Pawińskiego streets. Here is the Rectorate Building that houses Dean’s Offices for the First and the Second Faculty of Medicine, The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry  and the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Rectorate Building is connected with the Didactic Center, which includes: the Department of Foreign Languages ​​and the Department of Student Services, and modern classrooms. Banacha Campus also includes Library and Computer Center that is adjacent to the Recorate Building; and buildings of the Pharmacy Faculty and the Central Clinical Hospital. The Pediatric Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw, that has been under construction since autumn 2011, will be an important property located within the Banacha Campus.

Rectorate Rectorate Building

lib Library

cen Didactic Centre

banacha Hospital Banacha Hospital