What can I do if my high school (or educational government authority in my country) will not sign and stamp the required school certificate form http://2wl.wum.edu.pl/en/node/831?

We accept a letter/document from your high school or educational government authority in your country that states that your diploma entitles you to undertake or continue university-level studies in the country in which your diploma was issued or in the system of education your school operates.

How do I know the English Division Admission Office received my documents?

The Admission Office confirms receipt of documentation by email. Documents are checked as they arrive in chronological order.  Please give the Admission Office 5 working days to confirm receipt of your documentation.  

The email from the Admission Office will advise you if any required document(s) are missing.

If the Admission Office receives all required documentation, you will receive your acceptance letter as an attachment.

Who can fill in the required health certificate form http://2wl.wum.edu.pl/en/node/831)?

The health certificate should be filled in by your family doctor because it refers to your individual/personal medical history, immunization records, eyeglasses prescription, drug prescriptions, etc.  It is the official results of a physical examination.

I paid the admission fee but it is still marked red (not paid) in my on-line registration profile. What do I do?

Step 1. Please remember that it takes 2-4 days sometimes for bank transfers to reach MUW and for our system to register payment. 

Step 2. If after 5 working days your on-line registration profile is still marked red, write an email to recruitment@wum.edu.pl.  In the title of your message write:  “payment not registered in my profile.” We will look into the matter.  Include in your email a copy/scan/picture showing proof of payment.

Step 3. Check your on-line registration profile again after 5 working days since your email.

How do I apply for a room in the student dorm?

This information will be made available to you in mid-July.

How do I know the English Division Admission Office received my admission payment?

The Admission Office does not confirm receipt of payment.  This information is registered in the student’s on-line registration profile.

When will I receive my acceptance letter?

The Admission Office can issue an acceptance letter when the minimum required documents are met:

1. Proof of admission fee payment
2. Official high school diploma (with an affixed apostille or certified by educational government authority in the country in which the diploma was issued or of the system of education in which the high school operates)
3. English language certificate

Do I need to provide an English language certificate?


IELTS minimum 6,0 points,
TOEFL minimum 90 points,
CEFR B2 level,
TOEIC minimum 700 points.

Deadline to submit document to Admission Office: Friday, Aug. 30, 2019. 

The Admission Office does not issue an acceptance letter until this requirment is fulfilled. 

This requirement does not concern native speakers or qualified candidates who completed their high school education in an English speaking education system, however, the latter must be confirmed in writing by their high school.

Where can I get vaccination against hepatitis B and/or tested for Salmonella & Shigella in Warsaw, Poland?

Private healthcare services in Warsaw, Poland, like Medicover, LUXMED, and more may provide such services. 

For example, to contact Medicover for more information: https://www.medicover.pl/en/medicover-services/contact-and-help/

Do I need to have completed my vaccination against hepatitis B (three doses) before arriving to Warsaw?


You can begin the vaccination in your home country and complete it once you arrive in Warsaw or start and complete once you arrive in Warsaw.

How do I test for Salmonella & Shigella?

Doctors take a sample of stool and send it to a laboratory to grow (culture) and identify the bacteria.