Optional courses

This is to kindly inform that the following winter 2020_21 optional courses had to be cancelled due to insufficient number of students:

Enrollment for an optinal course is possible via the page: wd.wum.edu.pl 

Dear ED Students,

This is to remind you that an optional course has the same status as any other subject. It means that you are obliged to credit two optional courses (60 hours) per an academic year during 1st - 5th year of studies.

In case you fail to do it,  it will be treated equally as if you fail other subjects.

Also mind that overall number of optional courses a student has to do is 10, and overall number of optional courses' hours a student has to do is 300, both during 1st - 5th years of studies.

Also, please bear in mind that once you sign in on the list, you are obliged to do the optional course!

ED students can enroll for an optional course for the winter  semester 2020_2021 from 9.00 am on October 2, 2020 to 8.59 am on October 9, 2020Mind - the last day of registration is October 9, 2020 before 8.59 am

Polish (fluently) speaking ED students can also enroll for an optional course offered by the Faculty of Medicine (in Polish) from 9.00am on October 2, 2020. Please, see the Polish Division page.