Students' organizations

IFMSA - The International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations is the world’s oldest and lar gest independent organization representing associations of medical students. It currently maintains 108 National Member Organizations from more than 100 countries across six continents with over 1,2 million students represented worldwide. The mission of IFMSA is to offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. Through programs and opportunities, IFMSA develops culturally sensitive students of medicine, intent on influencing the transnational inequalities that shape the health of our planet.


SCOPE - The Standing Committee on Summer Internship and SCORE The Standing Committee on Research Exchange are projects in which every year more than 300 young people from Poland go to do their summer practice in numerous countries all over the world (Mexico , Indonesia, Ghana, Spain, Croatia, Finland, Peru, Canada).


SCOPH - The Standing Committee On Public Health is concerned with prevention and health education. Students pursuing the objectives of the program share their medical knowledge with other social groups and promowe healthy lifestyle following the principle:”it is better to prevent than to cure”. One of SCOPH campaigns is Teddy Bear Hospital- international project dedicated to the small children in hospitals, in Poland carried out under the patronage of the Ministry of Health.


SCOME - The Standing Committee on Medical Education aims at raising students’ qualifications and interests in issues that are often not included in the curriculum but useful in medical practice. The committee organizes Medical Law Workshops, BLS / AED courses (including instructor courses), Dying-a Human Thing Training, suturing workshops and numerous thematic conferences and electives.


SCORA - The Standing Committee on Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS is the youngest of IFMSA programs.

According to the motto: "The best way to fight AIDS is to prevent, and the best way to prevent is to educate”, SCORA actions are directed to pupils and students.


SCORP - The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace aims to promote respect, tolerance and human dignity. One of its major projects called Touch the Diversity raises the issue of disability. Warsaw SCORP cooperates with UNICEF (UNICEF For Christmas), members of the association write letters in marathons under the auspices of Amnesty International, organize campaign of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity at the Medical University of Warsaw.


EMSA - European Medical Students' Association is a student organization dedicated to education in the field of medicine. It organizes conferences and workshops to raise awareness, improve skills and provide students with new experiences. EMSA Warsaw, which is the local branch of EMSA, participates in the international exchange of experience, discussions of key issues relating to aspects of scientific, educational and ethical issues in medicine, both through participation in the General Assembly (GA) held annually in different European countries as well as in numerous congresses and research conferences. With an extremely friendly atmosphere inside that encourages creativity and self-education, EMSA quickly inscribed in the awareness of students of the Medical University of Warsaw as an organization that gives a chance to develop scientifically as well as many opportunities for spending leisure time.


Teddy Bear Hospital is an educational project directed at children aged 4-7 years whose aim is to reduce children’s fear of hospital and doctors. Students of the Medical University of Warsaw take on the roles of physicians and help ailing teddy bears. They show and explain to children various medical tests such as ultrasound, ECG and ECHO and stress that they are all painless. Children are very happy to participate in this kind of play, to learn that a visit to the doctor is not a punishment and thus to become more willing to cooperate with doctors.